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Cultural Night

A few weeks ago I shared our Family Habesha Dinner Night on our social media platforms. Since the initial post, there has been inquiries such as “How did we learn to make the food at home?” and “Where do you purchase the ingredients?” Instead of answering these questions individually, I took the time to compile a list of local Ethiopian Restaurants, local Grocery Stores, and amazing individuals to follow for recipes in which you may find helpful. Hopefully, you can add them to your rotation for family dinner night or as we call it “Cultural Night”.

Until Next Time, Happy Reading!

Habesha Restaurants

Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine Address: 3030 Audley St.,

Houston, TX 77098 Website: www.

Lucy’s Ethiopian Restaurant & Lounge

Address: 6800 Southwest Fwy.,

Houston, TX 77074


Address: 5506 Bellaire Blvd. Houston, TX 77081 Website:

Abol Ethiopian Restaurant Address: 141617 Beechnut St.

Houston,TX 77083 Website:

Habesha Grocery Stores

Tana Grocery

Address: 5900 Chimney Rock Rd.

Houston, TX 77081

Selam Grocery

Address: 6440 Hillcroft St.

Houston, TX 77081

Bahel Ethiopian Mart

Address: 6509 Chimney Rock Rd.

Houston, TX 77081

*also serves as a Habesha Restaurant*

Individuals to Follow for Recipes

Mills Kitchen Instagram: @millskitchentv Youtube: MillsKitchen

Delina Instagram: @delinaonline Website:

Mahlet Yared Instagram: @justonegursha

Titi Instagram: @titisole

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