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Meet The Authors


A native of Houston, TX, Author Shanterria Jackson is a retired classroom educator and life-long learner. She has Bachelors of Science in Communications with an emphasis on Radio/T.V. Broadcasting, as well as, a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. Shanterria's passion for educating children on diverse cultures led her to write a book about her own daughter's experiences while learning about her multicultural background.  In her spare time, Shanterria enjoys going on thrilling adventures with her Husband and daughter Phoenix, reading, helping others and laughing until her cheeks hurt.


Author Phoenix Harden is an energetic, witty ball of fire with an amazingly vivid imagination. She enjoys reading, watching Youtube, traveling with her Mom and Dad, and feeding her Electric Green Beta fish "Sparkle". 

Both Shanterria and Phoenix currently reside in Pearland, TX.

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